Go-HotSwap 8.02

No Image The Go-HotSwap software infrastructure consists of a low-level operating system extension, the Hot Swap Engine, which is responsible for the following activities: * Identifying the insertion/removal of CompactPCI boards. * Notifying the system services and the relevant drivers of a hot swap event. * Notifying the relevant applications of a hot swap event.

FaceSwapper 1.0: Swap faces between images and create high-quality collages in just minutes!
FaceSwapper 1.0

Swap faces between images automatically! FaceSwapper makes it easy to cut and paste faces from one picture into another without precision selections or manual color adjustments. The cutting and pasting occurs in 3D space, allowing you to easily match the angle and direction of the target face. No need to use complicated 3D modeling applications or costly graphical packages. Create high-quality collages in minutes!

images, photo, face, face swap, automatical, portrait, photoshopping, collage

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Swap & Fall 2 1.03

Swap and Fall 2! You start the game with a checked game board where you discover an intricate layout of items, coming in several different types. Your objective here is to swap neighbor items to make a horizontal or vertical line of at least three matching items. However, the more items you`ve got in the line, the better. At your swap the line of items falls from the game board and you score. And as you may guess the more items there are in a line

autumn, bejeweled, fall, game, swap, bonuses, puzzle

swap 2.0: SWAP cuts through the space-time revealing the intricate internal structure.
swap 2.0

SWAP Paul Harter 1998 "Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality." Herman Minkowski 1903 Einstein`s maths teacher first proposed the idea of space-time, a unified four dimensional model in which space and time were not separate elements but were made of the same stuff. SWAP swaps one spatial dimension with that of time, cutting

time, swap, space

eMule File Swap 1.4: eMule File Swap is a FREE software to exchange and search MP3 and Video
eMule File Swap 1.4

Swap is a completely FREE P2P software to exchange and search MP3, Video as well as other different file types over ED2K, Source Exchange and Kad P2P networks. eMule File Swap is based on the original eMule and provides many great features such as different types of search using local and global servers, web based search over Jigle and Filedonkey and also search over Kademlia (Kad) network. eMule File Swap automatically performs checking for corruption

fast download, peer 2 peer, p2p network, file search, emule, edonkey2000, ed2k, fast search, file sharing, download, edonkey, peer to peer

2M Blocks Swapper 2.4_us: Swap blocks to destroy them. Great fun ! Appealing high quality graphics.
2M Blocks Swapper 2.4_us

Swapper in full color. Enjoy Blocks Swapper in full size window or in windowed mode at your own discretion... Skin your game - 2M Blocks Swapper is completely customizable ! Each theme renders beautiful graphics, displays original blocks, incoporates a heap of nice effects and animations, plays entertaining musics... High quality sounds fx - Many sounds are included in 2M Blocks Swapper to enhance play enjoyment. Detailed scoring system - The faster

puzzles, games, blocks, puzzle, tetris, online, shareware, tetrix, game, download, arcade

Tile Swap Puzzle 1.2.0: Swap the tiles to recover the picture
Tile Swap Puzzle 1.2.0

In this game a picture will be chopped into pieces and the pieces will be messed up, you will need to move the pieces to recover the original picture. You move the pieces by swapping the positions of two pieces, click a piece to select it, and then click another piece to swap the positions of the two pieces. The faster you finish the puzzle and the fewer moves you made, the higher your score.

swap, tile swap puzzle, puzzle games, tile, puzzle

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